Farmers Market Hero: Chef Jonathan Bardzik

      Posted On: May 19, 2015

Jonathan Bardzik

Jonathan Bardzik, farmers market demo chef and cook book author, spends his Saturdays between March and Thanksgiving at Eastern Market in Washington DC, whipping up tasty recipes and enticing customers with the delicious aromas of fresh ingredients procured exclusively from the purveyors at the iconic market.  In 2011, the self-trained chef began promoting his love for cooking by way of weekly cooking demonstrations designed to inspire novice and experienced cooks alike to get back to the basics and cook with fresh, locally produced foods. His goal is to spread his philosophy that “life can and should be lived well. It’s not in the grand gestures or big moments, but is lived well in the day to day. And a big part of that is in how and what we eat.”


Cooking Demo at Eastern Market

And what better place to ignite such a passion than DC’s Eastern Market? Bustling with energy and packed to the hilt with vibrant produce, meats and herbs, half the fun for Jonathan is never completely knowing what he may find, often times leading to experimentation, creativity, and trying foods that would otherwise fly silently under the radar. “I want people to have the confidence to try new recipes, make them their own and just have fun with it.  So many times people tell me how the recipes they have at home are overwhelmed with obscure ingredients and would have to travel to three different grocery stores to find them all. The beauty of my recipes and shopping at Eastern Market is that all the ingredients are available right there, that day. ”

After nearly two decades of reading, testing and tasting his way to becoming an aficionado in the kitchen, Jonathan says shopping at Eastern Market was the inspiration behind launching his cooking class and demo business. “I loved the access to fresh food and local farmers ready to provide valuable insight and answer questions. I believe so much in farmers markets and farm fresh food because they bring an important joy to our lives through nutrition, taste and community.”

To learn more, visit Jonathan’s website

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