FMC embarks on research of FMPP impacts

      Posted On: October 24, 2012

As delays in the Farm Bill reauthorization raise questions about if and when some USDA grant programs (like the Farmers Market Promotion Program, or FMPP) may be implemented in 2013, the time is right to ask: How important is USDA’s FMPP to growing stronger, healthier, more innovative and inclusive food systems?

On October 10th, the Farmers Market Coalition and launched a survey to assess and communicate the impacts of the FMPP since its inception in 2006. Project directors from 444 grants awarded between 2006 and 2011 were contacted via email, inviting them to participate in the research effort. This survey is designed to understand changes in FMPP grantee organization’s communities since grants were awarded, so that they can be communicated to policy-makers, USDA, the general public, and prospective grantees.  Until the deadline of November 7th, all project directors are encouraged to participate in a landmark survey.  To date, nearly 100 grantees have responded.

The survey is estimated to take 25 minutes to complete, and includes questions about changes observed since the beginning of the FMPP grant, as well as about the grantee organization’s experience working with USDA.  Survey participants are able to save their responses and return to the survey later if they need additional time to respond fully to the questions. Project Director Stacy Miller says, “we realize that grantees sometimes take a team approach to implementing and evaluating their projects, and wanted to ensure that those taking the survey could consult with their partners on certain questions in order to provide an accurate response on behalf of their project, as well as its impact on their community and their organization.”

After analyzing the survey results later this year, FMC will select certain FMPP projects for case studies, including a YouTube video designed to showcase what FMPP means on the ground. Recommendations will also be made to USDA for opportunities to improve their farmers market programs.

Any FMPP grantee organization (receiving a grant between 2006 and 2011) that has not received a survey invitation is encouraged to update their contact information using this form, and will then receive an email invitation to the survey.
Questions about this project can be addressed to Stacy Miller at or 434-984-0175.

This research project is a partnership between the Farmers Market Coalition and, is made possible with support from the Aetna Foundation, a national foundation based in Hartford, Connecticut that supports projects to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone.


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