Market Manager Frequently Asked Questions Coming Soon

      Posted On: July 13, 2010

  • “Should we charge vendors a single base fee or a percentage-of-sales fee?”
  • “ What types of insurance does our market organization need?”
  • “ What rules should apply to artisan vendors?”

Sample video FAQ footage of market staff at the Crescent City Farmers Market as they prepare signage before the opening bell

These are just a few of the questions that FMC, and our member state associations, get every month from both new and existing markets. A better question might be, “Where can I refer people to find answers to these questions!?”  Starting next month, the farmers market community might have some answers to these and other questions.

In a far-reaching partnership, the Farmers Market Coalition has been working with the Wallace Center for Sustainable Agriculture to develop a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Farmers Market Managers, to be housed on the FMC web site with linkages to entries in the Farmers Market Resource Library. These FAQs, grouped into seven categories, ranging from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘SNAP and Nutrition Programs’  are being  developed with the help of FMC member and listserv subscriber input, the FMC Education Committee, Wallace Center Intern Kathleen Stewart, and former FMC Intern Sarah Johnson.

Alongside these FAQs, which will be launched at the beginning of August, will be a set of video interviews with farmers market staff around the country.  These videos, which will showcase best practices from leading market organizations, will be housed on an FMC YouTube Channel along with past webinars and favorite videos of markets around the country. The videos feature interviews with:

Chris Curtis, Director of the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance
Seattle, Washington

Bernie Prince and Ann Yonkers, Co-Directors; Sarah Mosbacher, Markets and Program Manager

Washington, DC

Michael Hurwitz, Director; and Liz Carollo, Publicity Coordinator

NYC Greenmarket
New York, New York

David Rand, Farm Forager; Lyle Allen, Executive Director; and Mark Psilos, Market Manager

Green City Market
Chicago, Illinois

Emery Van Hook, Director of Markets

Crescent City Farmers Market
New Orleans, Louisiana

Video credits also go to Darlene Wolnik of and Pat Lute of FRESHFARM Markets, who donated considerable time to coordinate the on-site interviews in Washington, DC and New Orleans.  During National Farmers Market Week, the FMC web site visitors will be able to read, watch, and provide feedback on this dynamic new educational resource. In the meantime, submissions to the resource library can be made at