Beyond the Brand: Marketing your Mission for Improved Fundraising and Community Support

Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

Is your market stuck in a fundraising rut?  Are you great at talking about why the market matters but not so good at explaining the role of your organization in making it happen? In this webinar, we learn about why and how to spend less energy promoting the market as just a great place to shop and more energy marketing your mission.  A ‘Friends of the Market’ organization or program can help communicate the work that makes a market possible, but even small adjustments to a market web site, newsletter, social media and market info booth can help you generate more donations, sponsorships, and volunteers.  FMC board member, Copper Alvarez, shares the example of the Big River Economic & Agricultural Development Alliance’s successful TableTops fundraiser, which has generated a total of $270,000 in unrestricted revenue.


Beyond the Brand Resources (pdf)
Beyond the Brand Slidedeck (pdf)


Published February 21, 2014 Presentation

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