Catalyzing Change: What can we learn from FMPP’s activities and impacts?

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What role does USDA’s Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) play in growing stronger, healthier, more innovative and inclusive food systems? Last fall, FMC embarked on an evaluation to assess the impacts of FMPP since its inception in 2006, with more than 200 organizations responding to a survey of grantees. Stacy Miller, director of the research project, shares highlights from FMC and Market Umbrella’s published report and case studies. This webinar features a review of grant impacts on agriculture, food access, professional development, and organizational capacity as well as general recommendations beyond FMPP. Past grantees share their lessons learned and and answer questions about their projects and efforts to make most efficient use of grant funds and evaluate community outcomes specific to their project goals.

Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant Activities & Impacts Report 2006–2011
Farmers Market Promotion Program Summary of Analysis & Recommendations, a green paper

About the presenters:

Stacy Miller, Project Director of the Farmers Market Coalition
Glen Hill, Executive Director of the Minnesota Food Association, presents their 2009 FMPP project that supported organic farmer training and mentoring, and helped immigrant and refugee growers create markets directly, forging a viable marketing portfolio
Elizabeth Borst, Manager of the Spotsylvania Farmers Market, explains the successes and lessons learned from a 2011 FMPP project that created The Farmers, a regional collaboration to create a uniform EBT scrip system for four markets in Virginia

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Stacty Miller,Glen Hill, and Elizabth Borst

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