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The Farm Bill is one giant, overwhelming, piece of legislation. To highlight key aspects during this important phase of the Farm Bill timeline, on May 22, 2012, FMC presented a member webinar on the Farm Bill, tailored for farmers markets.

Kate Fitzgerald, policy adviser, clarifies the often-confusing farm bill process, explain key provisions for farmers markets included in the Senate’s Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act, and helps advocates engage in the process as the House of Representatives takes up farm bill legislation.

Natalie Roper and Stacy Miller walk-through the FMC advocacy toolkit, and every attendee will is shown how to take immediate action, with the help of some simple tools.

Kate Fitzgerald initiated the Food Assistance Program in the Texas Department of Agriculture, where she organized SNAP at certified farmers markets in low-income communities and designed a Farmers Market Coupon Program for WIC participants and seniors that was a model for the now well-established USDA FMNP.

In 1993, Kate founded the Sustainable Food Center (SFC) in Austin, Texas. Kate later served as Senior Policy Associate at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition in Washington, DC, working on 2008 Farm Bill implementation, appropriations, food safety and child nutrition legislation in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, she joined Global Strategic Partners, representing organizations working on sustainable and organic agriculture, public health, and economic development through food enterprises. She works on policy development and implementation on the national level.

By Liz Comiskey Published December 07, 2013 Presentationvideo

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