How to Pick Up (and Have Long-Term Relationships with) Reporters

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This FMC webinar from June 2012 was presented by Colleen Newvine, Marketing Consultant with Newvine Growing to help market operators understand how to work successfully with reporters, editors and bloggers, and feel more prepared for interviews. The session covers:

  • How reporters work
  • What reporters look for in a story idea
  • What to include in a good press release — and what to leave out
  • How to create a good media section on your website
  • How to prepare for an interview so you feel more confident and emphasize what matters most to you
  • What to do if the story doesn’t turn out how you hoped
  • How to work with reporters in a bad news or crisis situation

Download the companion handout of resources here, and check out Part 2 of this 2 part series with Colleen, Weeding the Social Media Garden.

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