Markets as Business Incubators: Strategies to Grow Your Vendor Base

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Markets are constantly building relationships with partners to bridge to different communities, and they can also use the same skills and outreach strategies to re-engage and to add more vendors to the market itself. As obvious as it is that vendors go to markets to make money, there are strategies that can add value to your market so that vendors stay until they get to their economic comfort level.

This FMC member webinar was led by advocates for farmers and those markets using different “incentives” to build vendor relationships, and moderated by Darlene Wolnik, Independent Trainer and Researcher with Helping Public Markets Grow.

  • Young Kim, Executive Director of Fondy Food Center in Milwaukee, WI shares how his organization works to assist immigrant farmers to use the market fully and how they work to find ways to add new skills and resources for those farmers.
  • Peter Marks is Program Director of the Local Food and Farm Campaign for Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, or ASAP, where his responsibilities include guiding ASAP’s local food marketing efforts, producing the Local Food Guide, and training farmers in marketing and business planning. Peter staffs the Mountain Tailgate Market Association, a group of 22 farmers’ markets in 8 counties. He worked with a group of farmers to launch the Asheville City Market, run by ASAP since 2008.

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Young Kim, Peter Marks, Darlene Wolnik

Published November 04, 2013 Publisher Website Presentation

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