Price Comparisons at Farmers Markets: Understanding Value & Affordability

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In this webinar, farmer and community and economic development specialist Anthony Flaccavento of Rural SCALE, Inc. shares his 2011 study, Is Local Food Affordable for Ordinary Folks?: A Comparison of Farmers Markets and Supermarkets in Nineteen Communities in the Southeast, and offers advice on how this data can be part of efforts to reinforce markets’ commitment to equity and affordability.

The webinar was moderated by Nicky Uy, whose experience managing farmers markets for The Food Trust in Philadelphia has lent insight into the issue of affordability at farmers markets, and reinforced the need to communicate the true value of farmers markets using concise messaging that appeals to consumers of all ages, lifestyles, and income levels.

Download the powerpoint here.
Download the companion handout here.

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Anthony Flaccavento and Nicky Uy

Published October 29, 2013 Publisher Website Research ReportsSurvey

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