The Power of POP: Oregon City Presents their Children’s Market Program

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This FMC member webinar includes an introduction to the Power of Produce (POP) Club, which began in the Oregon City Farmers Market to provide local children with tokens to buy fruits and veggies, and also offers 27+ educational activities. The session covers mechanics of the program and how it has been replicated in other areas of the country.

  • Jackie Hammond Williams, market manager, Oregon City Farmers Market. For children ages 5-12, the POP (Power of Produce) Club distributes $2 tokens for purchasing fruits and veggies at the market every time they shop (as long as funds allow). Shoppers and organizers from markets across the US and Canada have asked Jackie for advice on starting similar programming at their local markets; this webinar will serve as an overview of the program’s mechanics, its scalability, and ways to replicate.
  • Natalie Roper, FMC intern, Charlottesville, VA. Natalie and a team of UVA students visited and evaluated the Oregon City POP program, then started their own version of the POP Club in Charlottesville! She will share their interpretation of the program, including how they adapted it to meet the needs of the team and the community. The UVA team is also creating a toolkit that is will be making available to FMC members in 2014. Stay in touch with POP on its facebook page.

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Jackie Hammond Williams, Natalie Roper

Published November 04, 2013 Publisher Website Presentationvideo

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