Truth & Transparency: Farm Audits for Producer-Only Integrity

Farm Inspection and Enforcement


Presenter: Tyler Thayer, Farm Audit Program Manager, Agricultural Institute of Marin

Moderator: Stacy Miller, FMC Program Advisor


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AIM Initial Farm Audit Letter (PDF)

AIM Conclusion Letter (PDF)

Earning a reputation as the most transparent and trustworthy place to buy local farm goods directly from farmers requires appropriate policies and fairly enforced verification protocols. Learn about the Agricultural Institute of Marin’s (AIM) Farm Audit Program, which has verified more than 240 California farms and ranches since 2010 in order to uphold their vision of Producer-to-Consumer Direct. Tyler Thayer, AIM’s Farm Audit Program Manager will walk us step by step through their detailed audit system, in which all participating farms and ranches are audited both at market and on the farm.

Presenter: Tyler Thayer has been working in the farmers market industry for 24 years, managing different farmers markets across California. Since 2000, Tyler has been working for Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM), an FMC member organization and 501(c)(3) non-profit that connects communities and farmers, operating seven certified farmers markets in the San Francisco bay area. Tyler was instrumental in developing and implementing AIM’s Farm Audit program, an innovative and robust program verifying that all farmers participating in AIM farmers markets truly grow what they sell, ensuring that AIM’s markets are fair, honest, and of the highest quality possible.  Additionally, Tyler manages the Newark farmers market and AIM’s educational outreach program that serves thousands of children and adults each year.

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By Liz Comiskey Published October 08, 2014 Presentation

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