2022 Farmers Market SNAP-EBT Technology Survey

      Posted On: September 12, 2022

FMC invites markets across the US to fill out our Farmers Market SNAP and Incentives technology survey. 

EBT Processing Technology. We know it sees the best of us and the worst of us. With your help in filling out this survey, together we’ll learn about your market’s relationship with EBT and incentives technology. This survey will gather information that will help FMC, and you, our partners, to be better able to champion our community’s needs to developers, grantors, funders, and more. The more we can learn about markets and their technology across the US, the better we can make visible our contributions as a field, and work towards addressing the challenges that go unsolved in our markets. 

This survey will be open throughout fall 2022 so that market operators have time to wrap up their season and provide input according to their capacity. We will share results with you, our partners in this work, in early 2023. Thank you for your work as the markets who are innovating in countless ways to bring fresh food to communities across the US. 

Take the survey!

What’s the best way to fill out this survey? Take a look through the PDF list of questions first to determine what information you have on hand, and what information you might want to work on collecting before you fill out the survey. If you don’t currently know the answers to some questions, consider documenting it by paying attention to how your market deals with certain parts of your technology for the last few market weeks of the season. Then, when you have some time this fall to reflect on your season, sit back and plug the information in. When questions don’t make sense, reach out to Katie@farmersmarketcoalition.org for clarification.

Photo credit to Jenna Shea Photojournalism.