A Seat at the Table: Film Screening presented by Crossroads Community Food Network

      Posted On: March 16, 2016



Photo credit: Crossroads Farmers Market

The room is abuzz with lively chatter as guests mingle in a brightly-lit community center in Takoma Park, Maryland. The weather is unseasonably warm for March, and nibbling on the fresh salsa, tamales and taquitos catered by Crossroads Farmers Market’s very own vendor (and film subject) Nancia Sical both go far to stir excitement for another market season.

The eclectic mix of farmers, vendors, community leaders, board members, staff, volunteers and shoppers are all here to screen 7 short documentaries fully produced by Crossroads staff. Earlier in the year, market staff teamed up with Meridian Hill Productions, a production company committed to helping non-profits learn the art of storytelling – and now staff put their newly honed skills to the test before an eager audience.

For 10 years, Crossroads Farmers Market has been a place where neighbors come to sell and shop. In a community largely populated by immigrants who long for the traditional foods of their native fields, Crossroads is a beacon for freshness, affordability and opportunity.

Shot and edited with only an iPad, the creators highlight the successes and struggles experienced by market business owners and how the market serves the unique needs of its shoppers. Each short is a glimpse into the heart of Crossroads, each a piece of how the market weaves a dynamic support system rooted in community, culture and food.

Film 1
Eat Fresh Maryland
: https://youtu.be/Sf9-q_RBit8
How Crossroads Market connects healthy food to SNAP/WIC participants

Film 2
All About Crossroads: https://youtu.be/VyBbdBFxC4Q
How programs and education support healthy eating for Crossroads customers

Film 3:
Farmer for Life (Rosa Linares): https://youtu.be/Kqqe__0NiLM
A farmer from El Salvador connects with her community through the food she grows

Film 4:
Pasión y Paciencia (Nancia Sical): https://youtu.be/VKJ9lvn29PA
Microenterprise graduate overcomes hardship to grow her business at market

Film 5:
Sí se puede (Marioli): https://youtu.be/H1d5vMyKINk
A 13 year old entrepreneur realizes her dream of selling baked goods to her neighbors

Film 6:
El sabor de amor: https://youtu.be/F9UEVgqQ8VY
A vendor’s story of serving up coffee straight from his family farm in Guatemala

Film 7:
Growing Together: Melwood’s Story:
A vendor serves special needs adults through horticulture therapy