Free Resource Guides Available

      Posted On: July 20, 2008

Just in time for National Farmers Market Week, the Wallace Center has announced a second printing of their popular spiral bound farmers market resource guides, initially released late last fall. “Getting Started with Farmers Markets” is a colorful introduction to product diversity, display, pricing, and marketing techniques for vendors. “Recruiting Vendors for a Farmers Market” its companion publication, targets current and would-be market managers and sponsors.Getting Started with Farmers Markets front cover It features an introduction to market planning, promotion, and recruiting and retaining farmers, as well as eight brief case studies of market organizations around the United States.

Print-friendly PDFs of “Recruiting Vendors for a Farmers Market” and “Getting Started with Farmers Markets are available as to preview on line on the Wallace Center web site. To receive free print copies to disseminate to vendors or managers at markets, events, or conferences, download and complete the request form here. Submit your completed request form to Matthew Kurlanski at the Wallace Center for Sustainable Agriculture by including it in an e-mail to