On June 6th, 2012, the Farmers Market Coalition celebrated its sixth anniversary. The Farmers Market Coalition is not a coalition without the investment of everyone who wants to see farmers markets grow stronger and more sustainable with every season. We would like thank all of the supporters that contributed to our second Annual Campaign:

Alyson Abrami
Appalachian Center for Economic Networks
Linda Aleci, Local Economy Center, F&M College
Linda Allen, Western Sussex Farmers’ Market
Copper Alvarez
Alicia Anderson, Red Paint Marketing
Kevin Atchley
Dee Nila Basile
Lisa Beasley, Pepper Place Saturday Market
Lori  Belling,    Meadowview Farm & Natural Habitat Gardens, LLC
Nicole Berube, City Seed
Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance
Jim Bingen
Detra Bishop
South Carolina Association of Farmers Markets
Fred Broughton
Charlie Brummitt
Jill Bryant, Proctor Farmers’ Market
Douglas Bystry, Clearinghouse CDFI
Traci Caines
Winter Caplanson, Coventry Farmers Market
Judy F Carson, Richland Farmers Market
Glynda Cavalcanti, Downtown Farmers’ Market of Fort Pierce, Inc.
Karen Childress, Jonesborough Farmers Market
Jeffrey  Cole
Jim Coleman, Riverdale Park Farmers Market
Amanda Cross
Chris Curtis
Sharon Dardine, Lewes Farmers Market
Tom Denison
Thomas DeNoble
Marc Dove,    Topsfield Farmers Market
Patricia Edwards
Earth Learning
Megan Elias, Cherry Street Farmers Market Inc
Debra Ernest, Organization Copy: Port Warwick Foundation
Jeffrey Farbman
Paula Fensom, PatchWork Farms, LLC
Betty Finney, Dale City Farmers Market
Richard Foster, A Garden Life
Jaret Foster
Historic Valley Junction Foundation
Freddy Guys Hazelnuts
Paul Freedman
Glen Falls Farmers Market Association
Give Back America
Growing Hope
Joanne Harding, Stone Bridge Farm
Helaine Harris, Lewes Farmers Market
Mary Ann Hubbel, Cache VAlley Gardeners Market
Janet Huttula
Peter Insalaco, Eco-Active Media, Inc.
Chet Jackson, West Humboldt Park Development Council
Kimberley Jones, Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market
Law Office of John Sica
Shellie Lane
Janel Leatherman
Sharon Leicham, Memphis Farmers Market
Larry Lev, Oregon State University
A Local Folkus
Joan Lutchka, Chelsea Comm. Hosp. Bushel Basket Farmers Market
Kim Lyons, MerchantSource
Douglas Mackey
Zina Martishev, South Barlow Berries
Gary Matteson, Farm Credit Council
Dita  McCarthy, Long Beach Farmers Market
Vic Gutman
Sue Moore, Vicksburg Farmers’ Market
Brigitte Moran
Jamie Morin, Camas Farmer’s Market
Patricia Neiner
Courtney Nicholls, Village of Dexter
Northeast Organic Farming Association -Vermont
Nowata Farmers Market
Alison O’Connor, Larimer County Extension
Peggy Outcalt, North Market Development Authority
Ozark River Portable Sinks
Penny Parker, Downtown Bowling Green Farmer’s Market
Yolanda Pavloff, Ligonier Country Market
Catherine Pitt
Bernie  Prince
Lynn Prior
Dick Ramsdell
Dawn Reidy, Wilmington Farmers Market
Donna Ring, Urban Garden Market
Monika Roth
Darrielle Sadle-Ruff
Liz Sanders, Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market
Susan Sauter
Leslie Schaller
Rhonda Schnacky
Elizabeth Schultz, Wisconsin Farmers Market Association
Gus Schumacher
Michael Segal, Farmers Market Management Associates
Penny Shore
Mary Shepherd
Brian Snyder
Paula Strid, Poulsbo Farmers Market
Linda Swalley, Ocean Shores Farmers Market
Dawn  Thilmany
Trudy Toliver
Rick Thronburg
Kathy Unger, Unger Farms
Richard Wallace
Jan  Walters
Cynthia Warne
Bryan Weichelt
Christie Welch, Ohio State University South Centers
Ruth White
Marcy Wilbur
Doug Williams, East Lake Farmers Market
Annette Wszelaki, UT Farmers Market
Katiya Xiong
Sharon Yeago



Your donation is matched!

FMC member Ozark River has matched $2,900 of your donations!  We are thrilled to have their support; thank you, Ozark!





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