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USDA Proclaims National Farmers Market Week

Honesta Romberger August 6, 2018

It’s now officially National Farmers Market Week! The USDA released the proclamation today, signed by Secretary Sonny Perdue. We hope you all have a wonderful week celebrating farmers markets and the important role they play to support local food, farmers, and prosperity!

Novo Dia Shutdown Update: Company Will Operate Through February 2019

Honesta Romberger August 3, 2018

Early last month, Novo Dia Group (the country’s largest provider of SNAP at farmers markets) announced it’s plans to go out of business, effectively terminating service to their customers. Last week, the State of New York and the Farmers Market Federation of New York announced an agreement with Novo Dia Group that would enable the company to continue…

Novo Dia Group Shutdown *Info Page* Now Live

Honesta Romberger July 20, 2018

In response to the recent news regarding the shutdown of Novo Dia Group (NDG) – one of the largest providers of SNAP EBT payment processing equipment to farmers market and direct-marketing farmers in the county – FMC created an Info Page where impacted markets and farmers, as well as leaders and organizations keeping an eye on the issue…

New Information Regarding Novo Dia Group Shutdown

Honesta Romberger July 16, 2018

EDIT: this blog post (the information below the dotted line) was posted July 16, 2018. Since then, FMC published a ‘Novo Dia Group Shutdown Info Page’ where impacted markets and farmers, as well as leaders and organizations keeping an eye on the issue can go to find the latest news, updates, statements, FAQs, fundraisers, advocacy efforts, and…

MarketLink Program To End Service By July 31st

Honesta Romberger July 9, 2018

by Ben Feldman, FMC Policy Director | An article published today by the Washington Post concerns Novo Dia Group (NDG), an equipment provider that processes SNAP, EBT, WIC and FMNP purchases at farmers markets and farm stands nationwide. The article announces that NDG will go out of business July 31st, effectively ending their MarketLink…

Put Your Market on the Map for National Farmers Market Week

Honesta Romberger July 5, 2018

We’re teaming up with our friends at Farmspread to help markets celebrate National Farmers Market Week! Farmspread created a nationwide NFMW Directory Page that helps markets boost their visibility and plans for the annual event. Communities can use the directory to find a celebrating market near them, and learn more about their special activities, events, and more.…

National Farmers Market Week Media Kit

Honesta Romberger July 3, 2018

National Farmers Market Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the ways your market makes a difference in your community! But finding the time and resources to share these benefits can be difficult. That’s why we created the NFMW Media Kit. Everything you need to promote and prepare for National Farmers Market Week is here, all in…

Murkowski introduces Alaska specific farm bill

Honesta Romberger June 22, 2018

Via Daily New-MIner FAIRBANKS — Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski has introduced an Arctic specific farming bill to address issues of food security, conservation and trade in Alaska. The Food Security, Housing and Sanitation Improvements in Rural, Remote and Frontier Areas Act of 2018 includes a series of Alaska and Arctic-specific initiatives compiled based on…

Markets. Farmers. Customers. Leaders. We are FMC!

Honesta Romberger June 13, 2018

When farm bill discussions began earlier this year, we sent FMC members to Washington D.C. to advocate on behalf of small farmers and farmers markets. And when the harmful House farm bill was voted down last month, it was phone calls and emails to legislators from FMC members who helped make that happen. From fighting for a…

Bipartisan Senate Farm Bill Good for Farmers Markets

Honesta Romberger June 11, 2018

by Ben Feldman, FMC Policy Specialist | On Friday, the Senate Agriculture Committee delivered a bipartisan farm bill that stands in sharp contrast to the draft that failed in the House, particularly as it relates to farmers markets. While the House Bill slashed funding for key farmers market programs, the Senate Bill provides robust…