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Letting Customers’ Fingers Do The Walking: On-line Farmers Market Directories

Stacy April 15, 2009

Think of them as national online yellow pages for local food and farmers markets. The USDA National Directory of Farmers Markets and LocalHarvest.Org are the two biggest national directories of farmers markets and direct sales small farms. Now is the time to make sure your market information is listed and up to date on both…

FMC Pilots Educational Sponsorships in Three States


As part of its goal to support the efforts of state farmers market organizations, FMC recently offered small sponsorships to three of its members holding statewide training events. Pending future available funding, FMC plans to continue and expand its support of such educational trainings in 2009. What follows is a brief summary of the events receiving mini-grants so far this year.

New Outreach Tools to Be Available for Farmers Market Week


The Farmers Market Coalition is proud to announce that it will be offering a variety of consumer outreach materials to farmers markets this summer, just in time for National Farmers Market Week (August 2nd-8th).

Incentives and Investments Give New Nevada Market a Head Start


Last March, Marrone was asked by the Carson City Office of Business Development (OBD) to help them get a farmers market up and running by the end of June. The time frame, it goes without saying, was one of the biggest challenges in starting the market. “All the research said we should have started six months to a year earlier. We had fewer than three months, and there was already a 13 year old, highly profitable market in Reno. There are only so many farmers to go around, and they were spreading themselves pretty thin as it was. Convincing them to come to our market without any kind of track record was a hard sell.”

Filling the Food Safety GAPs for Small Farms


By Wendy Wasserman Spinach. Peanuts. Tomatoes. Lettuce. Pistachios. In the past few years, there has been mounting consumer and producer discussion about food borne illness. Some of the high profile cases of wide-spread food borne illness have been traced back to incomplete food safety protocols occurring at large producers and commodity processors. Regardless of the…

Letter from the board: Anticipating a New Farmers Market Season


In these days when we’re all pre-occupied with “the market,” there’s a real feeling of being grounded when we think about the ‘place’ (both physical and emotional) our farmers market occupies. Our visits are always so much more than transactions – they are about re-connecting our lives through food – food from the people where we live, our place. In a day of standardized products and depersonalized relationships, isn’t it deeply satisfying to see the natural diversity in the shapes and sizes of fresh produce? To have the conversation be as important as the actual purchase, and to once again visit with neighbors and acquaintances, most of whom have also stayed pretty close to home over the winter months?

Health, Hospitals, and Farmers Markets: Preston Maring Interview

Stacy April 8, 2009

Preston Maring, the doctor behind the initiative to host farmers markets at  Kaiser Permanente hospitals, speaks about the connection between health, healthy eating habits, and farmers markets.  Watch the five minute interview at:

Letter from FMC Concerning Food Safety

Stacy April 3, 2009

What follows is a reprint of a letter sent to FMC members on March 12 Dear Fellow Farmers Market Advocate, In the last few days, there has been much discussion and speculation surrounding H.R. 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, which was proposed by Representative Rosa DeLauro and 39 other co-sponsors and currently…

USDA Seeks Reviewers for FMPP Applications


WASHINGTON,  April 2, 2009 –– The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) invites individuals to share their expertise in reviewing project proposals for the 2009 Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grant program.  The FMPP program began in 2006, with the goal of expanding direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities in the United States through the…

Quaker Oats Offers Community Hunger Mini-Grants

Stacy April 1, 2009

Quaker Oats is offering grants for projects that will help combat hunger in your community. The Quaker Go Grant program will select twenty winners each month from April through August 2009. Winners will each receive a $500 cash grant to fund their projects.Visit Quaker Oats Community Hunger Grant for more information. Application deadlines for the…