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Farmers Market Coalition Announces New President

Jen O'Brien October 26, 2011

The Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), a national nonprofit organization incorporated in 2006, is proud to announce Bernadine (Bernie) Prince as the new president of its 17 member volunteer board.  Bernie will build on the successful two-year tenure of FMC’s previous president, Sharon Yeago, of Florida, and continue to carry out FMC’s mission of strengthening farmers…

Beyond Occupation: Recognizing the Limits to Economies of Scale

Liz Comiskey October 19, 2011

Never has the triple bottom line of farmers, consumers, and communities had more resonance as part of an economy that works for all of us in the 99%. Don’t neglect the opportunity to quantify your triple bottom line successes, because measurement matters. But we cannot let our ratios be defined by numerators and denominators someone else has chosen. Together, we can move past the notion that efficiency is dependent on economies of scale, to define (and improve on) our effectiveness, our diversity, and our sustainability over time.

Congress Takes Leadership on Farmers Market SNAP Expansion

Liz Comiskey

By Natalie Roper, FMC Research & Education Intern In the last several months, the Farmers Market Coalition has been among other organizations in working with leaders in both Senate and House Agriculture Committees to support the growth and expansion of farmers markets nationally.  After months of working with congressional staffers, some of these efforts are…

The World in a Strawberry: Lessons Learned from Food Safety Outbreak in Oregon

Liz Comiskey

On Sunday, August 7, the first day of National Farmers Market Week, Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association (OFMA) President Rebecca Landis received a flurry of emails and phone calls with dreadful news. Pathogenic E. coli had been found in strawberries for what is thought to be the first time. The source farm was found quickly. But…

Health Insurance Gaps in Farmers Markets

Liz Comiskey

By Drew Love As the food movement continues to gain in popularity and market share, the number of farmers markets have sky rocketed over the past few years.  From 2010 to 2011 alone there was a 17% increase resulting in a total of 7,175 markets. In order to guarantee the long-term financial and human resource…

Strengthening the Farmers Market Community through Joint Membership

Liz Comiskey

In 2011, the Agricultural Market Services Department of the USDA reported that there were 7,175 farmers markets. That represents a 17% growth rate from 2010, (when numbers had grown 16% since 2009). The trend is hardly a recent phenomenon. Farmers markets have grown steadily, without exception, since 1994. Yet any farmers market vendor, shopper, or…

Get Your Squash On!

Liz Comiskey October 18, 2011

It’s the 1st Annual Photo Contest!   Football, shmootball…fall’s about more than pigskin and punts. It’s harvest time, when squashes shine!   So, farmers market and local food fans…let’s have a little harvest time fun with a photo contest! Submit your pics of pumpkins and squashes to celebrate the bounty of fall and…benefit your farmers…

The Future of Payment at Farmers Markets: Evolving Technology to Connect Farmers to SNAP and WIC

Liz Comiskey

The Future of Payment at Farmers Markets: Evolving Technology to Connect Farmers to SNAP and WIC by Drew Love There is a $64 billion dollar pool of money out there to support localized sustainable agriculture, and there is a piece of plastic standing in the way. The $64 billion dollars is the amount of money…

What’s Your Return on Investment?: A Letter from the Executive Director

Liz Comiskey July 13, 2011

by Stacy Miller, Executive Director This marks an important time of year for farmers markets, and not only because of the obvious reason that it’s smack dab in mid-season for many.  Fifty Discover You Can markets are getting innovative with canning education across the country, and in every market e-newsletter that comes across my desk,…

Seven Days, Seven Ways to Celebrate Farmers Markets

Liz Comiskey

To provide a framework for communication, the Farmers Market Coalition has identified seven daily themes inspired by the many accomplishments of its members, and offered to the farmers market community as suggested points of focus: