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Markets at Hospitals

Liz Comiskey February 26, 2014

by Maclovia Quintana, Research & Education Intern Article coming soon

Understanding Your Market Base: Strategic Surveys to Make More Shoppers Core Shoppers

Liz Comiskey January 16, 2014

  Do you know what characteristics distinguish between your market’s core, higher spending customers and the ones that just shop periodically?  How can a detailed understanding of a farmers markets’ most loyal shoppers translate into strategies to systematically grow the core customer base?  On this webinar, learn about the findings revealed by an in-depth study of…

Farmers Market Hero: Sweetwater Bakery

Jen O'Brien December 12, 2013

Beyond the farmers market tent, small businesses are making big impacts. Sweetwater Baking Company, located in the heart of Camphill Village in Kimberton, PA, is no exception.  Natalie and Saul Schwartz moved their business from Virginia to the Camphill Village, where it now serves as a keystone in the agriculture-based intentional community for adults with disabilities. Sweetwater Baking Co.…

Farmers Market Hero: Heather Anne Leavitt

Jen O'Brien

While connections are often drawn between food and art, Heather Anne Leavitt takes the connection a step farther. An avid farmers market shopper, Heather, owner of Sweet Heather Anne bakery, merges her passion for local food and her love of art in the Sweet Heather Anne kitchen every day, creating masterpiece cakes featuring locally sourced…

A Letter to Members RE: Copyright Liability

Stacy February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 Call me crazy, but I’ve been thinking about risk a lot lately. What if this? What if that? Whether it’s related to product liability, market liability, or copyright liability, we’ve worked too hard to build farmers markets’ role as community anchors to risk everything to a lawsuit. This is partly why we…