Congress Shows Broad Support for WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

      Posted On: March 22, 2018

by Ben Feldman, FMC Policy Specialist |

Last week, 42 members of Congress, led by Congressman Adriano Espiallat, sent a letter of support for the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program to the House Agriculture Appropriations Committee.

This statement of support is important following the release of the Presidential Budget Proposal last month, which proposed eliminating funding for the WIC FMNP program. While the President’s proposal is an indication of the Administration’s priorities for the fiscal year, it’s the Appropriations Committees in Congress that actually make the decisions about what to fund. The Appropriations Committee that has jurisdiction over a program has the greatest say in funding levels for that program. In the case of WIC-FMNP, this is the Agriculture Appropriations Committees in both houses of Congress, making this letter important and timely. The House Agriculture Appropriations Committee will be releasing its budget proposal soon.

Farmers Market Coalition worked with the Congressman’s office and partner organizations, Greenmarkets, Rural Advancement Foundation International, and LiveWell Colorado to draft the letter and gain support. Thanks to those organizations, all of the members who signed on, and especially Congressman Adriano Espiallat and his staff.

Click here to read the letter