Count Down to National Farmers Market Week 2018!

      Posted On: January 29, 2018

One of the more frequent questions we get throughout the winter months is “When is National Farmers Market Week?” This year, the answer is August 5-11, 2018! The annual celebration has always fell on the first full week of August, since its debut 19 years ago. Below are a few more FAQs about our favorite seven days of the year!

What is National Farmers Market Week?
National Farmers Market Week (NFMW) is an annual event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that celebrates the prosperity and community built around farmers markets, local farmers, and good food.

Why should my market participate?
NFMW allows farmers markets to take center stage on a national level and provides an opportunity for all markets big and small to showcase the impacts they make in their communities. In short, it’s a great opportunity to promote your markets and vendors! Read more about just some of last year’s NFMW impacts and reach here.

When should we start planning?
Whether you’re in the thralls of winter market or preparing for the upcoming season, it’s never too early to start planning your market’s NFMW festivities! From hosting a special event or inviting an elected official to market, make sure to allot enough time to plan and promote your activities.

Does FMC have resources to help us plan?
Yes! Regardless of funds or capacity, FMC aims to make it easy for all markets to plan for and promote NFMW. Take advantage of our free resources including promotional tools and templates, advocacy guides, farmers market merchandise, and more. Be sure to check back regularly for new and updated materials as they become available.

Is FMC hosting its annual Farmers Market Poster Contest? If so, when?
Yes! FMC’s 4th Annual Farmers Market Poster Contest will launch in mid-April, a little earlier than previous years. FMC will be accepting poster entries from April 15 – May 15, 2018 with winners announced the beginning of June. So start working on those beautiful posters now! Need inspiration? Check out last year’s contest entries here.

How can FMC better help you plan for NFMW?
Email FMC’s NFMW Coordinator, Allie Vratachnik at with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Let the countdown begin!