Cuts to 2013 Farmers Market Nutrition Program Funding

      Posted On: March 22, 2013

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Senate’s continuing resolution funding federal programs through the end of 2013.  Funding for the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (FMNPs) was included in the bill, coming in at $15.3 million for the WIC FMNP, and $19.4 million for the Senior FMNP. Both programs were cut significantly. Senior FMNP was funded at $20.6 million in 2012. In 2011, WIC FMNP received $20 million, and was cut to $16.4 in 2012. Reducing WIC FMNP to $15.3 million this year will result in a drastic decrease in the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables getting to young mothers and children, and $4.7 million less in revenue for direct-marketing produce farmers across the U.S.

While we’re disappointed that funding has decreased, we’re pleased that the programs were included in the bill, and will be working to restore adequate funding for the next fiscal year. Thank you to those who voiced your support to your legislators! FMC will continue to keep you informed as Congress turns its attention to the 2013 Farm Bill negotiations. We’ll need your continued participation to ensure that our legislators understand the importance of the FMNPs, as well as the Farmers Market Promotion Program, and will properly fund them in the new 5-year bill.

To learn about other programs affected by the bill, read this blog post by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.