Dakota College at Bottineau awarded 2018 FMPP grant

      Posted On: September 26, 2018

Congratulations to the Dakota College at Bottineau, a 2018 FMPP grant recipient!

Recipient: Dakota College at Bottineau, Bottineau, ND
Project Type: Community Development, Training, and Technical Assistance

Enhancing Consumer Marketing Strategies of North Dakota Farmers Markets and Market
Dakota College at Bottineau will increase the capacity of North Dakota Farmers Markets. The state’s changing demographics and increased interest in local foods present great opportunity for farmers market vendors. However, North Dakota’s rural volunteer-run farmers markets lack the time, resources, and training to effectively meet increased consumer demand. The project will benefit 50 farmers markets and 500 farmers market vendors. Project objectives include a thorough market needs assessment, market manager training online course, coordinated marketing materials, farmers market internship program and farmers market marketing workshop. Enhanced marketing activities will create a 15 percent increase in customer numbers, 10 percent increase in vendor numbers and 15 percent increase in sales at North Dakota farmers markets. The project will improve viability and increase sustainability of farmers markets in North Dakota resulting in increased access to and consumption of locally produced agricultural products.

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