DEADLINE for LAMP Sign-on Letter is Tomorrow, Sept 7th.

      Posted On: September 6, 2018

As Congress returns from recess, the farm bill is a top priority. With the 2014 farm bill set to expire September 30th amid ongoing disagreements about SNAP work requirements, members of Congress are feeling the pressure to deliver a bill on time.

Unfortunately for farmers markets, the fate of the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) remains uncertain. This is because the House version of the bill would effectively eliminate funding for FMPP, a program proven to boost sales at farmers markets.

We need your help to convince members of congress to choose the Senate version, which protects and solidifies FMPP within the Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP).

Please contact your Representatives now and urge them to sign-on to what is known as a “Dear Colleague Letter” in support of LAMP and FMPP. Below is a sample script and email template you can use.

Please act today! The due date for lawmakers to sign-on to the letter is tomorrow, Friday, September 7th.

Your voice can make the difference. Thank you for helping us fight for farmers markets and directing-marketing farmers!

Ben Feldman
FMC Policy Director

Read more about the Local Agriculture Market Program

CALL SCRIPT (Try first to get directly connected to the ag staffer if you have a relationship. If not, it’s OK to leave a voicemail):

As the House of Representatives is set to return from August recess in a few days, I would like to call your attention to an important opportunity to support farmers markets and local agricultural economies. A Dear Colleague letter is currently circulating in support of local food and regional food economies and healthy food access in the 2018 Farm Bill. The letter focuses on the Local Agriculture Market Program and you can contact Rep. Chellie Pingree’s office to sign on.

[Your org] urges [legislator] to sign on as [your org] has directly benefited from programs included in this letter, such as the Farmers Market Promotion Program and ongoing investments in this work are critical. Please act now– the signature deadline is approaching coming soon.

Staffer contact info you can pass on if you get the opportunity / are OK leaving a longer voicemail:


Dear [Representative name / staffer name],

As the House of Representatives is set to return from August recess in a few days, I would like to call your attention to an important opportunities to support the agricultural community in [state]. 

Dear Colleague Letter that supports local and regional food economies, including farmers markets, value-added production, food safety infrastructure, and healthy food access in the 2018 Farm Bill is circulating this week. The Senate farm bill encourages new and growing agricultural markets by creating the Local Agriculture Marketing Program (LAMP).  

LAMP will consolidate numerous existing programs that support new market development into a single streamlined program, while maintaining the purpose and eligible entities for each existing program. LAMP would be a one-stop-shop for farmers, agricultural organizations, and other stakeholders that are seeking support for projects that help farmers reach new markets. It is critical to provide permanent mandatory funding for LAMP so that there is consistent federal investment in new and growing agricultural markets.

[Your organization] strongly supports this proposed program, and we have utilized [funding from / been a partner in / helped lead projects funded] by LAMP component program [LFPP/FMPP/VAPG/etc] in [state]. [a sentence or two about what you’ve done is helpful here!]

Please sign on to this important Dear Colleague letter that supports programs and policies critical to farmers in [state] and represent impactful investments in a better food and farm future for the communities we serve.

The LAMP Dear Colleague Letter (click here to read) is being circulated by Rep. Chellie Pingree (ME); to sign on, please contact Kelliann Blazek at

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. 


[your name]