Disaster Preparation and Recovery: Farmers Markets

By: Hannah Fuller       Posted On: September 16, 2020

Learn what you need to know about markets and disasters on our Disaster Resources for Markets and Farms page

Climate change is predicted to bring more frequent and extreme weather events to all parts of the world. This summer we have already seen historic fires, storms, floods and temperature swings—on top of a global pandemic. Farmers market operators are experts at crisis control and innovating to respond to challenges, but this year the overlapping challenges are presenting new difficulties unlike ever before. 

The resilience of communities around the country has been humbling and awe inspiring. FMC Staff Rachael Ward is located in Eugene, Oregon, one of the many communities affected by fires on the West Coast. “Honestly the only bright spot in these wildfires has been watching the amazing way that farmer networks provide support and resources for those who need them.” Rachael writes.  “Numerous farmers in our area have opened up pasture space and are providing transportation for livestock in evacuation zones. They are putting themselves in harm’s way by entering evacuation areas to rescue livelihoods. Their resiliency through a pandemic and now natural disasters is awe inspiring. It really speaks to the importance and power of networks.”

We view our work at the Farmers Market Coalition as part of the systemic change towards a more sustainable, equitable and resilient food system that serves everyone. Our collection of disaster response resources is for markets and farms before, during and after disaster events. Topics of interest for market operators include general resources for liability, as well as specific needs around COVID-19, fires, storms, and floods. Many resources may be more relevant to vendors than market operators, but can still be relevant to building community and local food system resiliency. All markets and vendors can plan ahead and learn about how to be best prepared for the unfortunate possibility of potential disaster in the future. 

Learn what you need to know about markets and disasters on our Disaster Resources for Markets and Farms page

These resources are constantly updated with new data-based publications and community-based fundraisers. If you have a resource you’d like to add, please submit it through our Resource Library and email our Communications Associate, Hannah Fuller.