Educate Your Customers with Recipe Cards from The Land Connection

      Posted On: May 11, 2016



As part of a new campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of specialty crops, The Land Connection is creating a new series of Farm Fresh Now recipe cards, featuring nutrition cards profiling a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, as a way to encourage the purchase of unfamiliar market produce and learn more about its nutritional value. The campaign responds to the needs of Champaign residents, including those who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and is made possible by the 2016 Illinois Specialty Crop Block Grant.

The new recipe series will include a variety of fruits and vegetables found at market, focusing specifically on produce that consumers tend to find intimidating or know little about. The goal is to educate the public, especially those in underserved communities, about the benefits of a more varied diet and the importance of supporting the local economy by purchasing local food.

Each card will feature an image of the featured vegetable on one side, with nutrition, seasonal availability, and usage information on the back. The cards will be given out free of charge to the public at The Land Connection Downtown Farmers Market and print and online media outlets, including blogs and newsletters, can sign up for a weekly subscription to electronic copies of the recipes, images, and nutrition information to add as supplementary material. The Land Connection only asks to be appropriately credited for the material.

For more information and electronic versions of the nutrition and recipe cards, visit The Land Connection website at or click here to sign up.

About The Land Connection: The Land Connection is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting farmland, training sustainable and organic farmers, and promoting a vibrant local food system.