4.0 Data Entry

This unit is divided into two sections – 4.1 includes video clips that review data entry in the Farmers Market Metrics Website; 4.2 includes guidance for the Excel workbooks.

4.1 Data Entry – Website Tutorials

Click any button below to view a short video on how to enter data in the the Farmers Market Metrics website. More tutorials will be added as they become available.

4.2 Data Entry – Workbooks

Unit Four is being updated! Check back soon for the renovated Data Entry section

Data Collection for Website Users

As a user of the FMM Website, there are only two collection area that require hard copies for the market, the Vendor Sales Slip and SNAP Eligible Goods spreadsheet. Click here to read more about these documents, and how they relate to your data collection strategy.

Data Collection for Non-Website Users

This unit outlines the FMM Excel workbooks available with the FMM materials. Excel workbooks are included in the FMM training materials so that markets can organize the data in one place before it is entered on the FMM website. Download the full chapter here