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Welcome to the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library, an ever-growing database of resources for farmers, market managers and researchers. These resources were developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions, and we are grateful for the spirit of sharing which allows us to bring a variety of tools to your table in one searchable portal. We hope you find them useful and consider submitting resources of your own for the benefit of the farmers market community.

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Farmers Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities

Farm Inspection and Enforcement | Insurance, Liability, and Licensing | Management and Operations | Rules and Vendor Applications

This study examines the structure and operation of farmers markets in the United States, giving special attention to the legal and regulatory issues that may shape their operation to identify the most important challenges vendors and managers of markets may face.

By: Neil Hamilton Published October 27, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource

Farmers Market Evaluation Checklist

Management and Operations | Surveys, Evaluation

A two-page form that offers a comprehensive checklist for any third party evaluating the characteristics of a given farmers market so that managers can improve their services.

By: Monika Roth Published October 25, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource Form

Locating Farmers Markets: Site Selection Tool

Management and Operations | Market Start-up and Development

An interactive tool designed by Matthew Peters to evaluate potential sites for a farmers market. Refer to Locating Farmers Markets: An Evaluation Methodology to Inform Site Selection for Farmers Markets (also in the Resource Library) for additional guidance.

By: Matthew Peters Published October 25, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource