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Welcome to the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library, an ever-growing database of resources for farmers, market managers and researchers. These resources were developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions, and we are grateful for the spirit of sharing which allows us to bring a variety of tools to your table in one searchable portal. We hope you find them useful and consider submitting resources of your own for the benefit of the farmers market community.

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How Do Farmers’ Markets Affect Neighboring Businesses?

Evaluation | Public Policies

A research brief by Oregon State University Extension with data for both weekday and weekend markets in Oregon showing the spillover sales generated by farmers market shoppers who also make purchases at other neighboring businesses.

By: Larry Lev, Linda Brewer, and Garry Stephenson Published October 28, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource

Understanding the Link Between Farmers’ Market Size and Management Organization

Boards, Mission, and Governance | Evaluation | Management and Operations

A summary of key findings discuss best practices for markets based on four different sizes, micro, small, medium, and large. The paper also advises managers how to effectively transition a market into a larger size category.

By: Garry Stephenson, Larry Lev, & Linda Brewer Published October 28, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource

Obtaining Nonprofit Status for your Farmers Market

Boards, Mission, and Governance | Market Start-up and Development

This four page document from the Minnesota Farmers Market Association (MFMA) provides an overview of all the steps required to achieving nonprofit status. Note: Agency contact information is specific to Minnesota.

Published October 28, 2013 Publisher Website Link to Resource