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Welcome to the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library, an ever-growing database of resources for farmers, market managers and researchers. These resources were developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions, and we are grateful for the spirit of sharing which allows us to bring a variety of tools to your table in one searchable portal. We hope you find them useful and consider submitting resources of your own for the benefit of the farmers market community.

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North Dakota Farmers Market and Growers Association Resources

Farm Business and Marketing | Food Safety and Handling | Market Start-up and Development

The NDFMGA has compiled extensive lists of resources for farmers markets, producers/growers, community, and other useful links.

Farmers Market Resources include:

  • Marketing Toolkit for Farmers Markets and Vendors

  • 2010 Market Exploration Grant Final Results

  • Best Practices for Food Sampling at Farmers Markets

  • Color Combinations for Signs and Banners

  • Guide to Food Handling

  • Guide to Starting your own farmers market

  • Ideas for cooing demonstrations at the farmers market

  • Letter visibility chart for signs and banners

  • ND Farm to Market Guide

  • ND market pricing study 2011

  • Organic Labeling at Farmers Markets

  • Starting a new farmers market management guide

  • ND State Health Department ruling on selling home preserved items.

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Published January 26, 2018

Farmers Market Legal Toolkit

Management and Operations

This Toolkit was developed to support farmers markets throughout the U.S. with open-source legal tools to inform market managers as they make decisions to build and grow their markets. The specific topics covered in the Toolkit were selected in response to recurring questions from farmers market managers–about how business structure would affect their organizations, what types of legal risks exist and how to manage them, and how to make their products available and accessible for all community members.

Published January 16, 2018 Publisher Website Research Reports

FMC’s Partnership with Farmspread: A webinar and demo!

The Farmers Market Coalition has officially partnered with Farmspread, a farmers market vendor management website that provides farmers market managers, staff, and vendors the tools they need to operate a successful market. The two organizations have teamed up to offer FMC members a comprehensive membership package that includes a Farmspread account at a discounted rate.

Farmspread’s management platform can be utilized on its own, or as a complement to FMC’s Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics) program, a program designed to help farmers market staff collect key market data, which can then be used to optimize market operations, promotional efforts, and more.

Check out our webinar below, which goes over our partnership, and an in-depth demo of Farmspread, and how it connects to FM Metrics.

For further information on using Farmspread for your market, reach out at

Published January 12, 2018