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Welcome to the Farmers Market Coalition Resource Library, an ever-growing database of resources for farmers market operators, organizations that support farmers markets, and  researchers. These resources were developed by a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and academic institutions, and we are grateful for the spirit of sharing which allows us to bring a variety of tools to your table in one searchable portal. We hope you find them useful and consider submitting resources of your own for the benefit of the farmers market community.

In addition to this resource library, FMC curates The Farm Direct Nutrition Incentives Guide Site, a comprehensive library of resources for the people who run SNAP/EBT and nutrition incentives at farmers markets, farm stands, CSAs and mobile markets. If you are looking for information related to SNAP and nutrition incentives, you’ll find some resources here, and many more at the Farm Direct Nutrition Incentive Library. Learn more and explore the site at


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State Funding through the Legislature for Farm Direct Nutrition Incentives

SNAP/EBT and Nutrition Programs

The Farmers Market Coalition is proud to present our third practitioner paper. Written by Molly Notarianni of Oregon’s Farmers Market Fund and Elizabeth Borst of Virginia Fresh Match, this paper addresses the topic of state funding through the legislature for nutrition incentives. Acknowledging that GusNIP funding has provided a pathway for projects to grow, the authors argue from their own experience that seeking funding appropriations through their state legislatures may be a way for some organizations to mitigate the needs of state-wide networks as they rapidly scale. This Paper tells the stories of two such campaigns in Virginia and Oregon, and shares strategies developed through their processes. The authors’ goal is to help other nutrition incentive practitioners determine whether seeking state funding is the right choice for them at this time, and to orient practitioners toward the kinds of partnerships and information they will need to pursue in order to be ready.

By: Molly Notarianni and Elizabeth Borst Published January 07, 2022 Publisher Website Link to Resource Publication

How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Farmers Market 101

Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events

A basic overview on social media as a promotional tool for farmers markets. For farmers market organizers new to social media, needing a refresher course, or looking for promotional support.

Published December 14, 2021 Publisher Website Other

Evaluation 101 from FMC

The national Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) has noted the growth in the culture of data collection projects at markets over the last few decades. In response, this national entity has begun to provide resources and training to market communities in partnership with funders and network leaders. The information included in this document is a good start in designing an evaluation system for your market, but check out FMC’s evaluation resources online, to see what other templates that markets have uploaded into the FMC Resource Library, and what we have available through our data collection software site Farmers Market Metrics.

By: Farmers Market Coalition Published October 27, 2021 Link to Resource