Become a SNAP Authorized Retailer

Retailers accepting SNAP benefits must be authorized by FNS, who will provide a SNAP License with an FNS number. This number is then programmed into the wireless POS terminal or in the SNAP MobileMarket+ app.  There is no charge for the SNAP License. Farmers and farmers markets apply for a SNAP License online at You can also call USDA FNS’s customer service at (877) 823-4369.

Applying is a three step application process:

  1. Get a USDA account;
  2. Fill out an application online; and
  3. Mail your supporting documentation to FNS to complete your file.

To complete the application, you’ll need the following:

  • Photo identification and Social Security card for all owners, partners, and corporate officers, unless the market is owned by a government agency. In cases where a farmers market is owned by a nonprofit cooperative, the cooperative may designate a single “responsible official,” and provide such information solely for that person.
  • USDA FNS Completed Certification and Signature Statement, which is received after submitting the application online.;
  • Any business licenses you may have for doing business at your location, under the current owner’s name (this is optional for farmers markets located on temporary sites).

If you live in a Community Property State, you’ll also have to include Social Security Number and ID of the spouse of the person whose name is used on the FNS application. Community Property states are currently: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Find out more about Community Property states here.

If the contact person(s) on the original application change, FNS needs to be notified and given updated information. It’s a good idea to pick a contact who anticipates being around for a long time to minimize the need to update the market’s information.

Once your market is approved, you’ll receive your SNAP License and a packet of training materials. The license is ongoing and doesn’t expire; however, it may be terminated if there is no activity on it for 12 months. In such cases, the market would have to re‐apply for a new number. If a market is owner-operated and ownership changes hands, a new SNAP License will be required for the new owners.

For more detailed information on the application, see the FNS website, and their Application Guidance.

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