Data Entry and Management

Accurate and timely data management is one of the most important aspects to ensure that a market’s data collection project is ultimately successful. When data is entered and managed correctly, analysis and reporting also become more fluid.

Farmers Market Metrics Training Materials

Farmers Market Metrics Training Module 4, Data Entry and Management (Coming Soon), will train users in current data entry and management methods so that they are able to safely store raw data and maximize opportunities for analysis and reporting with limited resources. Module 4 includes a companion workbook to help simplify data entry and management. It focuses on the ten metrics used throughout these training materials and can be opened in Excel, Google Drive, or most other spreadsheet programs.

Market Profile

The Market Profile collects relatively static structural characteristics of a market organization in order to provide context for interpreting the metrics each market is measuring.  In addition to gathering demographic information about the market, the Profile questions reflect the following themes: Management, Vendors, Accessibility, Community Relations, and Market Promotion. Each theme represents an important part of market operations and relationships.

Read more about this history of the Market Profile here: The Market Profile_A History

Indicators for Impact Data Entry Portal

The Indicators for Impact  research project beta data portal is available to AFRI project markets only for data entry. It is housed on the University of Wisconsin-Madison platform. Learn more about the AFRI markets’ experience with data collection in year one by reading Farmers Market Metrics Data Entry Feedback 2015.

UW portal screen shot

FMC Data Entry Portal

Farmers Market Coalition’s Farmers Market Metrics data portal is in preliminary stages of development. It will include metrics for all of FMC programming and access to the Farmers Market Metrics Training Materials for FMC members.

(Link to data entry portal will be available in 2016)