Farmers Market Metrics Website

Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics) was created to empower markets to collect, store and communicate data on their markets. It is vital that market leaders are full partners in the collection, analysis, and use of data without overburdening these highly efficient organizations with unnecessary data protocols. FMC has used lessons learned throughout multiple data collection projects, as well as research that has taken place at markets around the country to develop the Farmers Market Metrics website and reporting templates. Check out the history page to find descriptions of those pilots.
Elements of the site were in use in 2016 to help monitor the project activities of the USDA Farmers Market SNAP Support Grants grantees, and to assist in the Michigan Farmers Market Association’s study of the economic impact of their Hoophouses for Health initiative. As part of a USDA funded Farmers Market Promotion Program grant, the Metrics resources have been deployed to markets in Virginia and DC. Other states have now added FMM to their FMPP/LFPP projects to use some or all of the resources for measuring the impacts of those projects.

The users of the tools continue to inform the development of the site and to ensure that FMM is a dynamic and useful site for markets as well as offering network leaders like FMC the ability to use the aggregated, released data to advocate on behalf of farmers markets.


Farmspread provides tools to help manage, promote and sell farm fresh food and artisan products while connecting consumers with farm-direct food outlets. The site provides tools for farmers markets and vendors and serves as an online marketplace for people who want access to local fresh food options.

FMC’s Partnership with Farmspread: A webinar and demo!

Other Web-based Data Management Portals

A variety of web-based tools are available that can help facilitate data collection at farmers markets. The list below shows sites that are in use or have been used by FMC members. Innovation is at an all-time high at markets all over the country, so this list is growing! Please contact FMC to suggest other data management portals that should be included.

Farmers Market Impact Toolkit
Vancity Community Foundation and the BC Association of Farmers Markets (BCAFM) have collaborated on the development of a Farmers Market Impact Toolkit that gives farmers market managers the means to collect, analyze and communicate the value that farmers markets bring to their communities.

FM Tracks
This project is managed by Prevention Research Center at Case Western University and used by Wholesome Wave. An app that facilitates the collection of data on SNAP, incentives and other nutrition benefit transactions at the farmers market.

Manage My Market
Eliminates paperwork streamlines management tasks, and includes unique features for helping to grow and sustain markets.

Metrics & Indicators for Impact
MIFI Markets, a website created for data collection for the USDA AFRI grant in partnership with FMC.This portal is managed by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the leadership of Dr. Alfonso Morales.

Customizable back office administration software created by market managers in British Columbia.

Mass Farmers Markets’ E-Token Program
Mass Farmers Markets’ (MFM) E-token Program is a system for managers who wish to retain full control of their SNAP bank account while also generating electronic vendor payment and incentive use records. By tracking federal nutrition benefits payments at the vendor level, users are able to generate and track detailed information on the movement of these benefits throughout the market.

SEED (Sticky Economy Evaluation Device) This is a tool designed to measure a public market’s impact on the local economy.

And a tool directly for market vendors:
Cabbige helps growers increase revenue, optimize pricing, focus on the most profitable products and sales channels, and plan effectively for upcoming seasons.