FMC and MerchantSource® Partner to Cut SNAP and Credit Card Equipment Costs up to 50% for Farmers Markets

      Posted On: April 4, 2019

Farmers Market Coalition is excited to announce a new partnership with MerchantSource® to provide FMC members with significantly discounted wireless SNAP, credit, and debit card processing equipment and solutions.

“The Farmers Market Coalition is committed to providing outstanding tools and services to our members and it is our belief that MerchantSource® shares that commitment,” said FMC Interim Executive Director, Ben Feldman “At a time when uncertainty exists regarding the future of the Federal no-cost wireless equipment program and other equipment providers, this agreement will ensure markets that need to pay for equipment do so at the best price.”

FMC has chosen to partner with MerchantSource® thanks to their longstanding commitment to working with farmers markets and direct marketing farmers. MerchantSource has consistently provided the most innovative new technologies along with excellent customer service over the past 16 years, reducing the challenges and pain points that many farmers, markets, and businesses face today. This agreement is yet another way FMC is championing sustainable and reliable resources to help farmers and farmers markets obtain affordable technology to use in their business.

It is always our top priority at FMC to provide the best resources for our members. We recommend that markets in need of wireless SNAP processing equipment first consider no-cost equipment programs in their state. More information on which states offer no-cost programs can be found on the FMC website. Our SNAP Guide for Farmers Markets also includes questions to consider before buying SNAP EBT equipment. If you are purchasing equipment this year, we highly recommend reviewing the guide to see what equipment works best for you.

If MerchantSource options look like a good fit for your farm, market, or business, please fill out the inquiry form to access pricing (up to a 50% discount) that is only available to FMC members. Applicants will be provided with wireless processing options and a MerchantSource® representative will personally speak with you regarding your needs to help you select the right solution.

Not yet a member of FMC? In the first year of this partnership, all new MerchantSource® customers will automatically receive FMC membership along with their equipment at no additional cost.

Disclaimer: FMC is committed to putting the interests of our members first. While MerchantSource® is a financial sponsor of FMC, this a non-exclusive agreement between FMC and MerchantSource®. FMC is free to recommend other equipment providers to farmers markets seeking advice.