FMC Announces Market Manager Fly-In to Capitol Hill

      Posted On: August 10, 2023

FMC is thrilled to announce the upcoming Market Manager Fly-In in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., scheduled tentatively for the 2nd week of September!

What’s Happening?

Thanks to generous additional funding from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation, FMC has the opportunity to invite a select group of market managers to join FMC policy staff in Washington. The criteria for selection were thoughtfully created to have a strategic impact, as we are inviting managers whose markets are situated in a state with a Senator and/or Representative on their respective agriculture committees.​​ Our primary aim is two-fold:

  • Skill Enhancement: This gathering will serve as an enriching platform for market managers to develop and refine their skills. By sharing experiences and discussing challenges, we hope to foster an environment of continuous learning.
  • Policy Advancement: We believe in the power of representation. With this event, we aim to advance FMC’s policy priorities. The market managers selected are strategically located, with markets in states where a Senator and/or Representative serves on agriculture committees. This ensures our voice is heard at crucial policy-making tables.

Why This Fly-In Matters?

The participation of market managers doesn’t just serve their local market; it echoes and impacts at the national level. By sending these ambassadors to D.C., we amplify the significance of local markets and their requirements, fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of an equitable and sustainable food system.

We believe this Fly-In will be a significant step forward for our coalition, ensuring local markets thrive and our voices resonate in policy corridors.

Want to help us advocate for farmers markets? You can do so with just a quick call to your representative today! Learn how here.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to farmers markets!