FMC Board Member Joins Committee Advising USDA

      Posted On: December 6, 2016


Crossroads Community Food NetworkWe have some exciting news to share about FMC board member, Christie Balch!

Christie, who also serves as Executive Director of Crossroads Community Food Network, was recently appointed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee, which is overseen by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).

Christie will chair the Consumption Work Group, and she, along with others in the group will provide the Secretary of Agriculture with recommendations on how to increase fruit and vegetable consumption across the country.

“I really look forward to working with such a distinguished group of individuals. Our diverse collection of perspectives and experiences will serve to inform USDA and help improve the impact of its programs and services.”

Committee members represent a broad cross-section of the industry, including fresh fruit and vegetable growers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers, industry trade associations, importers, processors, foodservice suppliers, brokers, state departments of agriculture, organic producers and marketers, and farmers markets and food hubs.

The Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee will meet twice a year to advise the Agriculture Secretary on issues affecting the fruit and vegetable industry.

We’re thrilled that Christie will take on this new role, and will be available to offer a perspective unique to local food and farmers markets.

Visit USDA website to for more information on the committee, a list of the committee members, and upcoming committee meeting dates which are open to the public.