FMC Members Elect 2009 Board Members

      Posted On: March 23, 2009

On March 20th, the Farmers Market Coalition announced the outcome of its 2009 board of directors election.   Four existing directors were elected to second terms, including Jim Bingen, Janel Leatherman, Richard McCarthy, and Sharon Yeago. Fred Broughton of South Carolina was elected to his first term on the board, and says that he is “delighted to be joining such a talented group of leaders in the farmers market community.”   Each board member’s bio is available on the FMC web site.  Please join the FMC in congratulating these leaders for their unflagging commitment to strengthening the capacity of farmers markets to serve farmers, consumers, and communities!

Jim Bingen

East Lansing, Michigan

Fred Broughton

Columbia, South Carolina

Janel Leatherman

Dallas, Texas

Richard McCarthy

New Orleans, Louisiana

Sharon Yeago

High Springs, Florida