FRESHFARM awarded a 2018 FMPP USDA Grant

      Posted On: September 26, 2018

Congratulations to FRESHFARM, a 2018 USDA FMPP grant recipient!

Recipient: FRESHFARM Markets, Inc., Washington, DC
Project Type: Capacity Building

Expanding Market Success for New and Emerging Mid-Atlantic Farmers Through Training and
Multimedia Promotion
For a good grower, establishing him or herself as a successful farmer at market requires both business acumen to promote him or herself physically at market, and virtually online. It also requires adept farming practices to grow a diverse, large supply to meet market demands. Through this FMPP project, FRESHFARM will run a 3-year cycle of developing annual cohorts of new and emerging farmers who receive training and education in business development and farming practices. After three years, FRESHFARM will have an established training process and greater revenue to reinvest into new and emerging farmers. For consumers, establishing a habit of shopping at farmers markets and increasing the amount they buy requires not only knowledge of available markets and products, but also a belief in the value of buying directly from a farmer at market. To build this knowledge and promote value, FRESHFARM will develop engaging messages and content regarding new and emerging farmers to disseminate broadly in the Washington, DC-area. A specific outreach focus will be to educate low income
residents about how to use nutrition benefits at market. The anticipated outcome of this
increased promotion and education will be more consumers familiar with new and emerging farmersand an increase in consumer purchases at Washington, DC-area farmers markets.

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