Give your farmers market national attention during National Farmers Market Week

      Posted On: July 19, 2012

National Farmers Market Week (August 5th-11th) is dedicated to celebrating the value of farmers markets in communities large and small.  We need your help to pack Farmers Market Week 2012 with pride about their spectrum of benefits.

Last year, FMC released a media kit for members to use during this week that included the Seven Days, Seven Ways press release set, Social Media Cheat Sheet, and the Farmers Market Week Talking Points. These materials are still available on our website here for your reference. However, the studies and data referred to in these tools are from 2010 or earlier.  We need to update!  So, we have developed a quick survey to assemble 2011 season data that we can cite and celebrate in FMC’s Farmers Market Week communications! We have created this survey requesting information about your market and the past season, based on the “Seven Days, Seven Ways” structure we established last year.  The questions are specific and concise—but don’t worry—you don’t have to answer all of them if your market simply doesn’t collect that kind of information.

We think your impacts are even more bright and beautiful than a fireworks show, and FMC wants to make sure the country knows about them!  We are inspired daily by some of your  success stories, and Farmers Market Week gives us all the opportunity to share these successes with a larger audience, with  numbers t that really drive the point home.

Please take just a few minutes before July 23rd to complete this survey and be a part of the celebration of farmers markets in America.  You deserve some spotlight!

2012 National Farmers Market Week Survey