Farmers Markets Eligible for Golden Grocer Award

      Posted On: March 18, 2010

At a recent FRAC Anti-Hunger Policy Conference in Washington, DC, the Outreach Coalition of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) of USDA Food and Nutrition Service the  2010 Golden Grocer Award Program, established to express appreciation for grocers (including farmers markets) that make an enduring effort to embrace the mission of the SNAP.   Award winners are those who demonstrate a unique and creative approach to increasing food security and reducing hunger in their community and publishing their efforts helps to provide ideas for and inspire others to do the same.

These awards represent the retailer component of the Hunger Champions Award Program by recognizing the instrumental role retailers play in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Retailers committed to the FNS vision of ending hunger and improving nutrition and health has ensured the success of the SNAP. Highlighting successful activities that improve service to recipients of SNAP benefits and low-income customers will provide other retailers with exemplary models to replicate.

The 2010 Golden Grocer Hunger Champions awards will be given to retailers that provide excellence in customer service, outreach, and/or nutrition education. Awards will be acknowledged by FNS as nominations are submitted and reviewed. All nominees will be recognized with a certificate noting their commitment to these initiatives. In addition, all nominees will be listed as model retailers on the SNAP web site at (

The nomination process is simple. Anyone may submit a nomination form and firms may self-nominate. To be eligible for a nomination, a firm must be a SNAP authorized retailer in good standing. As in the past, awards will be given in three categories of SNAP authorized firms: local stores affiliated with large corporations, small independent grocery stores, and farmers’ markets. Nomination forms and instructions for submitting them are available on line at

The FNS Outreach Coalition is a national group of organizations and individuals that provide a forum for the sharing of outreach ideas, strategies, and resources in order to improve the accessibility of FNS nutrition assistance programs and increase participation by eligible persons. The Coalition seeks to broaden community awareness of and support for FNS nutrition assistance programs, and is committed to improving its effectiveness through viable partnerships.

Hunger Champion Award nominations will be accepted until July 2, 2010 then reviewed by a technical panel and announced at the APHSA SNAP Directors meeting this fall.  Golden Grocer Award nominations will be accepted, reviewed, and awarded on a periodic basis throughout the year.  For more information and nomination forms, see What’s New at and Outreach Coalition activities at or the SNAP Retailer page at

Questions concerning the Golden Grocer Award Program and the Outreach Coalition should be emailed to