Gotta Move That Market? It Can Be Done.

      Posted On: May 28, 2018

by Darlene Wolnik.


Little Italy Mercato, San Diego

Here is a great article from Catt Fields White who is the founder and CEO of the San Diego Markets, on a recent 4-year “temporary”  move for one of her markets, Little Italy Mercato. As she says in here, “Cue muffled sobs.”

The “pod” idea explained in the article is interesting and I think very accurate for a wide variety of markets; many vendors comfort level has to do with their proximity to either their favorite other vendor(s) or having distance from their competition, or those they just don’t like.

To figure that out, it is usually helpful to watch set up and breakdown to see who clusters together and helps one another, and who carefully avoids each other! (You can be reasonably sure that those in direct competition do not like to see the other vendor directly across or  next to their booth.)
In addition, if someone has a “hawker” personality and likes to call out to passers-by, other vendors may not like that —and some markets actually restrict that activity. Others may appreciate that energy to bring folks to their area of the market.
Sun and wind can also be a real issue for some products and so moving a market should also take the present and future conditions on that vendor in consideration.
And expect to hear a long list of concerns from all corners that should at least be acknowledged and investigated, even if they do not result in a change.
I can’t wait for Part 2 of this article.