Help Us Make Markets, Farmers, & Communities Stronger

      Posted On: November 12, 2018

Twelve years ago, the Farmers Market Coalition began as a small group of farmers market managers, coming together to support the growing movement dedicated to local food.

Since then, FMC has expanded into a diverse network of leaders from every state, and a resource center for local food professionals. We have become a powerful voice for farmers markets, supporting the priorities of nearly 5,000 markets and 115,000 family farms across the country.

As vibrant outlets for fresh, nutritious food and business incubators for young and beginning farmers, farmers markets are essential to the wellbeing of our communities. New farmer Dustin Rathgeber puts it bluntly:

“If I didn’t have a farmers market, I wouldn’t have a farm.”

The work we do is critical to both farmers and shoppers — and we can’t do it without you.

Donors like you help us send hardworking farmers and market managers to Washington D.C. to speak up for the priorities of farmers markets. Your generous support allows us to empower markets of every size with the guides, reports, technical assistance, and tools they need to not only succeed, but thrive. And thanks to you, we continue to strengthen a nationwide network of like-minded individuals working together to enhance our local food system.

Together, we have achieved remarkable progress for local agriculture. But potential cuts to federal resources are threatening to slow, if not stall, our momentum.

With your support, we can push past these challenges and continue to grow the local food movement. We can:

  • Advocate for farmers market priorities at the federal level and train a grassroots contingent of advocates.

  • Ensure market managers have up-to-date, professional tools, resources, and training they need for their market to thrive.

  • Expand our community of leaders to share skills, exchange ideas, and strengthen our collective voice for farmers market priorities.

Give today, and together we can make America’s farmers markets stronger for generations to come!

See you at market,
Jen Cheek
Executive Director, Farmers Market Coalition