Iron Range Earth Fest: April 21st

      Posted On: April 2, 2018

The Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability (IRPS) will be holdings its annual Iron Range Earth Fest on Saturday, April 21st at four Mountain Iron locations.

“The event offers opportunities to:

• Explore how we can all strive to live in a more sustainable way at home and in our communities.

• Learn about new and existing technological approaches as well as rediscover some of our long standing local traditions.

• Tap into the knowledge of local experts to share their expertise on regional products, services, foods, traditions and our wilderness.

An emphasis is placed on local products, local services, local foods, local entertainment and our local wilderness.”

THE IRPS will also use the fest as its venue for two competitions: Green Innovator’s Expo for Range students and the Community Sustainability Initiative contest, open to all.

Learn about the fest locations and details, contests, and more.