#LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest Launches August 1st!

      Posted On: July 19, 2017

FMC’s #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest launches August 1st! We’re challenging market lovers to post creative photos on Instagram incorporating FMC’s “I Heart Farmers Markets” temporary tattoos. The contest is designed to engage communities with their local markets and farmers, and provide markets with an inexpensive, fun, and easy way to allow customers and vendors to promote their market through word of mouth, social, and earned media.

What do you need to know to participate?

  1. The contest opens August 1, 2017 and runs through August 31, 2017.
  2. You need tattoos! Order them here by July 26th to receive them by August 1, and in time for National Farmers Market Week (August 6-12). But remember, the contest runs the entire month of August, so orders placed after July 26 will be received in plenty of time to enter the contest.

How do you enter? It’s easy!

  1. Take a photo of yourself, a farmer, shopper, puppy, baby, tomato – anyone or anything! – wearing a tattoo
  2. Post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #LoveMyMarket 
  3. Tag us
  4. Like us on Instagram

Are there prizes?

Yes! Prizes (and bragging rights) will be awarded to the photographers AND markets featured in the winning photos.

The market of our 1st place winner will receive a one-year subscription to Farm Fan, a tool that “turns occassional market customers into committed shoppers!” It uses the magic of text messages and rewards to drive market sales. This is an amazing marketing resource – thank you, Farm Fan, for sponsoring our 1st place prize! To learn more, visit smallfarmcentral.com/farm-fan.

When will winners be announced? 

Winners will be announced September 2017.

Need some inspiration? Check out the 2016 winners and some of our favorites.