#LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest Winners

      Posted On: September 20, 2016

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

This summer, market fans were challenged to get creative and show their market love by posting photos to Instagram incorporating our I ‘Heart’ Farmers Markets tattoos. The photos entered into our #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest piece together a beautiful mosaic of what farmers markets mean to our nation’s communities. If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the #LoveMyMarket hashtag on Instagram. What you’ll see is the simple power of, well…love! You’ll see markets of all shapes and sizes from across the country, celebrated by a diversity of people. The story that unfolds is clear: markets bring us together; markets are for everyone; markets are America…and America loves its markets.

With that said, the beauty behind each and every photo, coupled with overwhelming participation, made this year’s competition all the more difficult to judge. But we managed to narrow the entries down to six winning photos, including one grand prize winner, based upon a combination of the following criteria: 1) incorporation of I ‘Heart’ Farmers Market tattoo, 2) incorporation of either market or food, 3) aesthetic or creative representation of subject.

The market of our grand prize winner will receive an I ‘Heart’ Farmers Markets gift basket and a 3 month subscription to Cook the Seasons, a mix and match meal planning and recipe program that uniquely focuses on seasonal foods.

The markets of the runners-up will receive an FMC gift basket, including I ‘Heart’ Farmers Markets tattoos, stickers and t-shirts.

All photographers of the winning photos will receive an I ‘Heart’ Farmers Market t-shirt.

Without further ado, please join us in congratulating the winners of our 2016 #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest!


  1. Our grand prize winner is Ebenezer Road Farmers Market in Knoxville, TN. Photo taken by: Nourish Knoxville.

The five runners-up are below, in no particular order:


2. Boulder Farmers Market in Boulder, CO. Photo taken by: Ashley Mead

3. Davidson Farmers Market in Davidson, NC. Photo taken by: Abby Wyatt, Manager. Officer is Det. Vernon Siders of the Davidson Police Department.


4. Black Rock Farmers Market in Bridgeport, CT. Photo taken by: Karyn Leito featuring ‘market regulars’.

5. Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market, MN. Photo taken by: Sarah Knoss

6. Union Station Farmers Market in Denver, CO. Photo taken by: Elyse Wood

Congratulations to the winners of these fantastic photos! Be sure to stock up on tattoos and be ready for next summer’s contest (details and announcements forthcoming). Until then, check out some of our other favorites below for some inspiration: