(MD) is missing an opportunity by not funding Farms, Families Program

      Posted On: February 19, 2018

Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Joseph Bartenfelder’s commentary regarding the Maryland Farms and Families Program raises some interesting points along with some sharp criticism for the program [“Guest Commentary: Supporting Maryland’s Farmers and Families,” Feb. 12, 2018]. Since he explicitly named our organization in his commentary, I’d like to take this opportunity to address his column directly and set the record straight on some key issues.

Amy G. Crone

Amy G. Crone

First and foremost, the Maryland Farmers Market Association appreciates the dedication to agriculture and the support for Maryland farmers that Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan’s administration has displayed since coming to office. The intent of Maryland Farms and Families Program is to further bolster this support, but unfortunately it has become clear that the Maryland Department of Agriculture does not fully understand the program.

Furthermore, the agriculture department does not seem interested to improve their understanding, as we and other groups advocating for this program have had our requests to meet one-on-one with Secretary

Guest Commentary: State Is Missing An Opportunity by Not Funding Farms, Families Program