Meet Nigel and Beckie Harris of Wholesum Farm & Foods

      Posted On: July 17, 2017


Originally hailing from the UK, Nigel and Beckie Harris made Delaware their home five years ago. After settling in America, the couple was amazed at the plethora of grocery store goods but shocked at how little ‘real’ food was available. Nigel conducted some industrial food/meat production system research and his findings intensified an already existing itch to change careers. The result- Wholesum Farms & Foods

Market Manager Carey Kidwell can attest to the farm’s wholesomeness. “They are an incredible family, conscious of the land and animal, and by far produce the best tasting organic meat I’ve ever had.  We visit each of the farms in our market.  Their’s is beautiful, peaceful, you get such a happy feeling when you are there.  They have an excellent reputation in the community.”

Top priorities at Wholesum Farm & Foods include economic sustainability, sustainable farming practices, and being direct providers offering the community a better choice. In the past 2 years Nigel and Beckie have grown their customer base through local farmers markets such as the Newark Natural Foods Co-op.

“At first we just wanted to raise and grow as much as possible and sell to anyone; stores, restaurants, wholesalers – anyone,” says Nigel. “We have moved a long way from there in a short time and our model is now exclusively ‘direct to consumer’ whether that is at the farmers market or straight from the Farm. We are nurturing our customer base and building strong relationships – our customers are becoming friends and fans!”

And how could they not? Wholesum Farm & Foods specializes in providing delicious, organic- fed meat, poultry, and eggs… and this year, turkeys for Thanksgiving! Nigel and Beckie still laugh about the preparations and practice set ups they conducted in their kitchen before their first ever market day. Since then, customer demand and recognition have really snowballed.

“We have built up a strong local following in our immediate community and have many customers buying from us directly at the Farm which is wonderful. However our access to good Farmers Markets has been crucial in enabling us to connect with a whole new base of customers who may not have been aware of the Farm but who are looking for the types of local products we produce. Through the farmers markets these new and returning customers are directly adding to our bottom line and ensuring the continuing sustainability of our Farm.”