Meet Woody Singletary of Woody’s Farm Fresh Eggs and Produce

      Posted On: July 26, 2017

Woody Singletary is a jack of all trades. For 28 years he was in the furniture business but has since been a green thumb, yard working, handyman, salt of the Earth kind of guy. In the early 2000s he made Greensboro, North Carolina his home and began establishing his lawn business in the area. Among other plots of land, Woody helped transform a client’s 32 acres into an edible and vegetative paradise. She turned the land over to him and he bought himself some chicks too. On the side, he was happy to sell to whoever wanted a taste from his gardens and fowl. One day, a client encouraged Woody to sell at the local Greensboro Farmer Curb Market. She drove him out to the site on a non-market day and Woody’s interest was more than piqued. In no time, he was an official vendor and has been for 8 years.

“Yard working is not my hobby- but the farmers market, now that’s my fun,” explains Woody. “That is my passion, I enjoy that, I get built up on that every Saturday. It’s something that makes me feel special. It does something inside of me that you don’t really understand. There’s a love there with those people that I’ll never get tired of. I could do that every day. I come there and it’s like all of my work is worth it.”

Woody offers farm fresh eggs and knows his produce (varieties of melons, corn, berries, greens, tomatoes, peppers, etc.)- their peak months and growing proclivities, notable qualities and comparisons. He is one for open dialogue and friendly interaction,  the epitome of an enthusiastic market vendor and passionate farmer.

“I want my community to eat and taste the incredible quality of my produce and I want my community to be healthier. You try and help to encourage young and old people. Fresh is better.”