Posted On: January 16, 2008


Farmers Market Coalition membership offers market managers, farmers, consumers and supporters the opportunity to work collectively to strengthen farmers markets across the country. As a member, you have access to the programs and resources that FMC creates and collects, and to a network of thousands of like-minded individuals working to improve their local food system. FMC serves as the voice of farmers markets in issues of federal and state policy, representing the interests of our members and supporters. Together, we can make farmers markets even better. Join us!

Membership Benefits

Be sure to check out our Member-Only Resources! The following member benefits apply to all FMC members:

  1. A voice and a vote in Membership Meetings and Board of Directors elections.
  2. Representation at the table with federal agencies and organizations which provide funding for farmers markets and establish national policy and advocacy opportunities.
  3. An electronic subscription to The Market Beet, our biweekly electronic newsletter.
  4. Access to a volunteer team of farmers market practitioners to help answer your most important questions.
  5. Access to Member-Only National Farmers Market Week promotional tools.
  6. A special ‘Proud Member’ badge for your organization’s web site, which links your visitors directly to FMC’s valuable resources.
  7. Member-Only Resources, such as POP Club Guide, Toolkit, and Templates.
  8. Knowing that your contribution improves our ability to respond to farmers markets’ needs today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

Membership dues are annual and tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under IRS 501(c)(3) law. Should you have specific questions about membership, please use our contact form.

Membership Discounts

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Member Log In FAQ

How do I log in to FMC?

There are currently three areas for FMC members to log in:

To access your FMC member benefits, please click on one of the benefits on this page, which will lead you to a log in page.

If you don’t have your login, you can recover it using the ‘reset password’ option from the login page. You will need to use the email address associated with your FMC account to log in.

To use Farmers Market Metrics, either the entire site or just the Directory component, you will use the same FMC credentials as your FMC account. Simply navigate to and log in to get started!

To manage your membership account log in here. Then select the from the drop-down box on the right to manage your membership. You can also purchase Farmers Market Metrics services from the dropdown box.

I haven’t set up a FMC Member Login yet. How do I do that?

To set up your login to the membership portal, click here and enter the e-mail address you used when you last paid membership dues. This is also the e-mail where you receive your FMC communications, including renewal notices and newsletters. You should receive an email with further instructions to set up your account.

Please know that to use Farmers Market Metrics, and other FMC benefits, you need to use a unique email address that is associated with your farmers market, as opposed to a non-email login name, or an email that won’t stay with your organization during staff changes.

I created an account, but it says I’m not a current member. What is happening?

To access your membership account, you must log in to the same account that is associated with your membership. For example, you may have just set up a personal account, but it’s the Farmers Market you manage that has paid membership dues. Try logging in again with your Farmers Market, Farm or Business information instead to see if that works.

If that doesn’t work, the best way to figure this out is to email or call (888) FMC – 8177, ext. 1 to be walked through it. Please try to provide us with as much information as you can, including your name, email, and the Farmers Market, Farm or Business you work with, if applicable.

I forgot my login or password! What should I do?

To reset your password or login information, click here and enter the e-mail address associated with your FMC membership account (this is the email you entered when you last paid membership dues and where you receive FMC communications, including renewal notices and newsletters). You will receive an email with further instructions on how to reset your password and access your account.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email for my membership, donation or event registration. Where is it?

Occasionally, our email messages get filtered and don’t make it directly to your inbox. If you don’t see a confirmation message, check your Spam or Promotions folder to see if it ended up there, and please be sure to add the domain to your safe or trusted senders list.

Still having issues? Please email

State Partner Program

Want to add FMC Membership to your organization’s benefits? FMC’s State Partner Program allows state associations to automatically provide FMC membership to their own members. This option allows state associations to easily expand their services, while also ensuring that their state is well-represented within the FMC member base. The more members we have in a state, the more we know about its needs and activities, and the better we can represent them in our policy efforts.

FMC is committed to offering state partnership at an affordable rate, so each State Partner determines their member fees based on the ability of their organization. FMC suggests 0.1% of the organization’s annual budget as a guideline, with a minimum fee of $100 and maximum fee of $2,000.

State Partners have benefits beyond regular FMC members. These include:

  • State Level Networking: Up to two participants from your organization can participate in FMC’s State Leader Committee conference calls (monthly), where FMC Board and staff check in on local regional goals and objectives to ensure policy alignment and discuss emerging issues.
  • Participation in the State Leader Listserv, where other state-level network leaders share resources, questions and information.


Instructions & FAQ

How does my organization sign up to be a State Partner?

In order to set up your membership online, you can use our membership registration form. Just choose “State Partner” as the membership type and then manually enter your payment amount. The State Partner membership fee is calculated by 0.1% of your annual operating budget with a minimum payment of $100.

(Annual Operating Budget) X .001 = (Annual FMC State Partner Fee)

To pay by check, email the fee calculated above to to be sent an invoice. 

How do my state association members access their FMC membership?

**We highly recommend that you communicate to your members that it is best practice to use an email address for the farmers market  that will stay with the market, not a personal email address.**

We have updated our processes for state partnership to a coupon code system. Once the state/regional partner organization has submitted payment and registration, an FMC team member will send you a unique coupon code for your organization. 

The coupon code can be used by individual farmers market members of your state association to activate their complimentary membership to FMC. They can use the same membership registration form above, and should use the “Single Membership” type. They will then have the option to enter the coupon code for their free membership. 

We recommend that you put the coupon code along with instructions for use in your membership confirmation email and/or a member-only area of your website and keep it handily available. 

*Note* The coupon code is only valid for one year, so you will need to renew with FMC annually to ensure that the code continues to work for your members. 

Do the members of my association have to be farmers market s to become members of FMC?

No, any individual, farmers, business, or organization, etc., can be a member of FMC.

How long is the membership?

Membership is for one year. You will receive renewal notices before it ends.

How is a State Partner different than our current membership?

If your organization is a member of FMC, but not a state partner, your members do not receive membership benefits, only your organization does.

List of State Partners

Is your state farmers market association a State Partner? You may already have FMC Membership. See our list of Current State Partners below and if your state is listed, contact the association leader to access your free FMC membership.

List of State Partners


Click here for the full current list of FMC State Partners!